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We take a 5 hour time frame and make sure the inflatable is set up 30 minutes before that time starts and pick up at or after the ending time. Most cases you will get it longer, but we like to guarantee that 5 hour minimum. If you are needing it longer it's only an additional $40 for each additional hour. In the event you are needing it less such as at a park or you simply need it for less time we are very flexible and that is not a problem, however price does stay the same. Rental Time Frame Costs: 0-5 hours Standard Price $40 for each additional hourFor additional days please contact us.Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

This contract, after signing, is a legal and binding contract. Deposit amounts on all reservations are 50%.  For tents or bookings with multiple items that deposit is non refundable . However, you can use that deposit as a credit towards a later date. Lesee will have 12 months to use that credit. For orders of one item, you will receive your deposit back minus $50 if the cancellation is made at least three days prior to your delivery time. If the cancelation is on the day of the event the deposit is non refundable, but can be used as a credit for up to 12 months. Cancellation once we have arrived forfeits any refund or credit. Any rescheduled event is subject to availability of inventory at the time of notification of postponement.

We offer FREE delivery and set up within 5 miles of broward, Miami area and some specific cities. Are typical fees are as follows. 25 fee after 6 miles. contact us we may be able to service your area depending on the date of your event. We may not service some areas further than 35 miles. If that happens to be the case we will let you know.

Yes! We clean and sanitize between every use. We vacuum then hand wipe the interior with Lysol. In fact, we get many compliments on the cleanliness and condition of all our inflatables.

Safety is our top priority! We always secure each inflatable we set up with stakes or sand bags. We do not set up in winds over 20 mph. If wind looks to be an issue we will let you know ASAP, so you can make new plans. Inflatables in general are very safe. We recommend that kids the same age/size bounce with eachother.

Please make sure that your yard is ready for setup. You should have CLEAR and OPEN path for us to get to the area where the equipment is to be setup. Please be sure the area is clean of debris and animal waste. It is costumers responsibility to put Dogs away in a secured area away from the equipment at all times, to prevent any damages in the units. If so costumer is 100% responsible for any damage on the equipment. For grass areas we do recommend not watering 2 to 3 days before. Maintain the sprinklers system off while unit is setup.

We can do it in the place you prefer, but don't forget reserve 5 days before the activity, for us your special moment is very important, so we need make a plan and help you with everything look good and in good shape.

We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt ($10 fee), asphalt, and concrete. Sorry, we can't set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps.

Yes. There is a link in your receipt once you've ordered or you may contact our office.

The day of the delivery we  accept  card as a method payment and we DO NOT accept check as a method of payment. When the drivers make the delivery you need to pay them cash, or card, zelle, cashapp, apple pay, google pay or swipe the card with square app or smart payment that day. All credit card payment needs to be made 48 hour prior to the delivery day.  For picnic you need pay the half for reserve and 24 hour before the activity you need pay the total amount, if don't pay the total in 24 hour, you loose the date and don't have the activity, the picnic you can't cancel, you can move the date for another day, but you have 14 days for use if you don't use the dates you can loose the total amount you left.  If the day you choose is raining, you can move the day to another day you want or you need, but only in the 14 days of warrant.  If you cancel the date you loose the half of the deposit you left with us.

Just need the plan, the idea and the most important the date for your picnic and pay the half of the amount to us, for start to make the special moment for you and the other person.

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